Football Scholarships in the UK

Having football as a career option is the decision that a lot of students make in the UK. There is a rich tradition and good future possibilities associated with the sport. An important aspect of playing the sport properly is to get the correct environment and assistance. Getting access to the right team can be a step towards playing the game professionally. This access can be gained by getting one of the football scholarships in the UK.

If you are searching how to get a football scholarship in the UK, then continue reading. I have listed 3 options available to you. These awards are listed in no particular order. I have given a brief description of the eligibility criteria for each.

Football Scholarships in The UK

University of Sterling:

Winners of the scholarship represent the school in the British Universities’ competitions and Scottish Sun Lowland League. The applicant must be an undergraduate/postgraduate student or applying for an undergrad/postgrad position at the university.

The applicant must also have junior/senior international honours. Or, had played professionally at Academy/senior club level. The amount provided can be up to £4,000 pounds/annum. These are some of the requirements you need to fulfil. More details of the football scholarship are available at

Football Scholarships in the UK for Playing in the US

This is another opportunity that UK football players may be interested in. The option of playing “soccer” in the USA. Given below is a program that helps those looking to play for a US university.

Soccer Innovation Scholarship Program:

This is a multi-step program. Here are brief details of some stages of this process. In the first stage, your academic record will converted to US GPA system. An assessment will be made whether you can realistically get a US soccer scholarship.

If you are accepted by the program, they will start looking for universities and make recommendations. They will also arrange video footage of you in action. In the third stage, you will find out your options and get instructions about how you can continue from there. More details including the application form is available at

Both of the above-mentioned options provide footballers the chance to take their game to the next level. One answers the question of how to get football scholarships in the UK. The other is about on how you can go to the US on scholarship.

Study in New Zealand – 5 Undergraduate Scholarships

Studying in a foreign country can be expensive. If you are planning to study in New Zealand (NZ), then you may want to look for any financial help available over there. One option available to you are scholarships. NZ has a number of institutions and programs that select students for such awards.

In this article, you will find six scholarships in New Zealand. These options are available to both local and international students. They are provided to students in different study programs. All of these opportunities are available to undergraduate students.

1.Alabaster Scholarships

This program is for students of University of Canterbury. They are available to students taking Latin or Greek courses. The money provided is $2,250. The deadline is 29th November, 2014. More information is available at

2. Ada Wells Memorial Prize

This is an essay scholarship contest. The concerned organization is University of Canterbury. The prize money is $800. The last date for application this year is the 30th of September. For more details, visit

3. Brian Morrison Memorial Scholarships in Engineering

This program is for engineering students. It is available to students looking to get a BE (Hons) degree at the University of Canterbury. The amount provided is $1,000 each year. The application deadline is 31st of March, 2015. More details of these scholarships are available at

4. C S McCully Scholarships

This is also for engineering students at University of Canterbury. These scholarships in New Zealand are for BE(Hons) degree studies. The award is $2000. The delaine is 31st of March, 2015. To learn more, see

5. Dow AgroSciences Bursary in Chemical Engineering

This option is available to students at the University of Canterbury. It is for BE (Hons). The subject of study must be Chemical and Process Engineering. The prize is $2,500. The application deadline is 31st of March. 2015. For more information, visit

The information provided above is written for undergraduates. These are some of the details of these scholarships. There are other important details as well, such as tenure period, eligibility criteria. You can learn more about these opportunities by visiting the links provided with each program.

The above-mentioned programs can help you support your studies. These Scholarships in New Zealand are available for different courses. If you are taking one these courses, you can check whether you qualify for these opportunities. Make sure you read all the details of each option before applying.

MBA Scholarships in the UK

Scholarships for MBA are offered by many universities in the UK. The amount provided will vary. So, will the criteria for selection. In this article, you will find 8 different scholarship options. Four of these are offered by University of Birmingham. The remaining four are provided by University of Manchester. Here are brief descriptions of these awards:

University of Birmingham

International Business Scholarship

This scholarship for MBA is for home and international students. One of the criteria for selection is that you have worked in a managerial capacity in 2 countries other than your home country. Your academic ability is another criterion. The assistance given is £5,000 on average. The last date for application has passed. But, you can keep this award in mind for future. It may be available next time. The application deadline was 11.04.2014. To learn more, visit the link below.

Global Banking and Finance MBA Scholarship

Home and international students can apply for this scholarship in the UK. A requirement for the award is work experience in the finance or banking sectors. International angle to the experience is what they are looking for. Your academic ability will also be considered. The average amount provided is £5,000. Use the link in option #1 to get more info.

Rosgen Family Scholarship

This option is available to Central/South American students. You have to show financial need to get this scholarship. The amount given is £5,000. The deadline was 11.04.2014. Find out more about this option using the link given in option #1.

Africa MBA Scholarship

This option is also financial need-based. It is for students from Africa. It is a full fee award. For 2014/15, the fee was £20,790, There are other requirements as well. Get more details from the link in the first option.

For more information about these four options, see

University of Manchester

Students looking for scholarships for MBA will be pleased to know that the Manchester Business School of the University provides such awards to 25 students in each class of MBA students. Here are brief descriptions of some of the options available at this school:

Manchester Merit-Scholarships

The best students are awarded through this program. You should have a GMAT score of at least 600. An equivalent GRE score is also accepted. The money provided is in the £5,000 to £20,000 range.

Women in Business Scholarships

You will be considered for this award on the basis of the following: your academic performance, leadership ability and personal & professional achievements. The prize range from £5,000 to £20,000.

Manchester Excellence Scholarships

Permanent residents of EU and EEA are awarded under this program. You can get one full award worth £38,800. Additionally, you can get others up to £20,000.

Young Potential Leaders Scholarships

The students considered the best during the Young Potential Leaders admission will get this scholarship in the UK. The amount given is £25,000.

To learn more know more about the opportunities available at the University of Manchester,visit

If you’re looking to study in UK, then it may be helpful for you to find ways in which you can reduce the costs. MBA students have many financial aid options available to them in the UK. By following the links provided above, you can find out if you qualify for the scholarship. UK is a popular destination for students, so you may have competition for the assistance.

Study in Singapore – Scholarships for Undergraduate Students From Asia

Studying abroad can be an expensive experience. If you are planning to study in Singapore, then you may want to search for financial aid options available. One of the options to fund your studies in Singapore is a scholarship. There are multiple programs that fund students. In this article, I have covered three.

ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship

This option is available at the National University of Singapore (NUS). You should be from one of the ASEAN countries.

Eligible Countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Philippines, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia. Students from Singapore are not eligible.

Some of the other requirements are: excellent academic record and leadership skills. The award covers your tuition fees. You also get an annual living allowance of S$5,800. For complete details

Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship

This award is also available to freshmen at NUS. It is for students from Asia. If you’re looking to study in Singapore with a scholarship, then this may be for you.

Eligible Countries: Asia (excluding Singapore)

You should have an exceptional academic record, leadership abilities, besides other requirements. The winner gets a number of awards, including tuition fees, annual living expense of S$6,000 and settling-in award of S$200.For complete details of this opportunity check

Dr Goh Keng Swee Scholarship

The GKS program is run by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS). It is available to students from 15 Asia Pacific countries. You should be an undergraduate students looking to study at a local UNI in Singapore.

Eligible Countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and other countries.

You should apply to study in one of the following institutions: NUS, Singapore uni of Technology and Design, Nanyang Technological uni, or Singapore Management uni, Academic record, leadership and co-curricular involvements are also considered. The program covers tution expenses. It also covers other mandatory expenses. For complete details on eligibility requirements and other details, visit

Scholarships for Asians are offered in a number of countries. The financial aid options are provided by educational institutions and the private sector. If you’re looking to study in Singapore with a scholarship, then the above-mentioned options may be useful. These opportunities cover your tuition fees. To be eligible, you will need to fulfill certain criteria. You can learn about the details of each option by visit the links provided. Make sure you know all the necessary details before applying.

US Engineering Scholarships – Scholarships for Undergraduates

Engineering courses are offered in a many different fields. Getting financial aid can go a long way in helping you get your degree. Fortunately, there are options available for funding your studies. Scholarship programs are one of these options. These programs may provide a certain type of award, such as aerospace engineering scholarships. You can also find programs for women. For example, there are women engineering scholarships. Here are some of the available opportunities.


ND Space Grant Program
A variety of aerospace engineering scholarships are provided under this program. Hee are brief details of three of these:

1. Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship
This award is given to students attending 2- and 4-year universities and colleges in North Dakota. You can learn about the application process from the Financial Aid office. NDSU/UND students are not considered for the award.

2. Lillian Goettler Scholarship
This is open to female science students at the North Dakota State University. The winner gets $2500/year. You can learn more about this award from the University’s financial aid office.

Eligible Countries: It is available to American citizens.

Want to learn about these women engineering scholarships? Visit the link given at the end of the article.

3. Native American Scholarship
There are 5 Native American engineering scholarships provided by the ND Space Grant Program. They are for students looking to get a STEM degree and getting education beyond the community college level. The amount provided is $2500. It is provided at 5 tribal colleges in the State. Learn more about these 3 programs from here:


ASHRAE Society Awards
Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships

This aid is for bachelor’s degree in engineering. Your course should be what HVAC&R professionals traditionally study. There are many options under the undergraduate program of ASHRAE. I have briefly covered some of these programs below. Some of the eligibility requirements are as follows: GPA of 3 out of 4 and/or a top 30 percent rank among students in your class. There are also requirements for the program you are enrolled in.

- $10,000 Award: there are two programs that provide this prize money. One is the Willis H. Carrier program that offers 2 1-year prize worth $5,000/semester. The other one is in Reuben Trane’s memory. The winner gets $5,000/year for two years.

- $5,000 Awards: These include, but are not limited to, the Lynn G. Bellenger Scholarship and the ASHRAE Legacy Scholarship.

You can learn more about these program from here:–conferences/student-zone/scholarships-and-grants/undergraduate-engineering-scholarships

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech offers biomedical engineering. If you’re looking for biomedical engineering scholarships, then read on. They fund freshmen, returning students, transfer and graduates. You will apply through their Scholarships and Financial Aid office.

The applicants are selected for scholarships and grants on two criteria. One is financial need. The other one is your academic record. They also take into account other criteria in some cases. To learn more about this program, go here


ASME helps graduate and undergraduate students. You should be an ASME student members. It is available to students enrolled in full-time studies. The course should be mechanical engineering or mech engineering technology.

ASME provides mechanical engineering scholarships to non-US students as well. They award non-US studying in the US. There are many programs mentioned on the ACME website. To learn more about this award, visit

Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech offers many engineering programs, including mechanical engineering. The details provided in the biomedical engineering section apply here as well. You can learn more about the program, by visiting the link below.

These are some of the options available in these different fields of study. I have covered just four engineering fields. At an institution like Georgia Tech, there are many other fields of study. The engineering scholarships they provide are not connected to a certain field of study.

Undergraduate students with financial need can achieve their goal with a scholarship. Make sure you go through the details of each program before applying